Dr Ann WinsperAnn Winsper

Dr Ann Winsper is a Psychical Phenomenologist, researching the Psychology of Electronic Voice Phenomena. As well as being a member of the Parapsychological Association and the Society for Psychical Research, she has been actively investigating reported hauntings for over 30 years and is co-founder of Para. Science psychical research and investigation

Steve ParsonsStephen Volk

Steve is an investigator and Researcher of Ghosts, Hauntings and related human experiences, as well as an author of many books and numerous published articles on ghosts, ghost hunting and related subjects, cited or referenced in many more. Steve is a regular speaker at conferences and conventions throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA. In front of camera Presenter and behind the scenes Advisor on numerous paranormal documentaries shows for UK and overseas broadcast. Appeared and advised on popular paranormal 'edutainment' TV shows including Most Haunted, I'm Famous & Frightened & Paranormal Investigation Live. Hosted & co-hosted radio shows for the BBC and other broadcasters

Dr Jack HunterJack Hunter

Dr. Jack Hunter is an anthropologist exploring the borderlands of consciousness, religion, ecology and the paranormal. He is a tutor with the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and teaches on the MA in Ecology and Spirituality and the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. He is also a tutor with the Alef Trust on their MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology, as well as an Access to Higher Education lecturer in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Newtown College.

Richard FreemanRichard Freeman

Richard Freeman is a cryptozoologist, explorer and the zoological director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. A former zoo keeper he has worked with over 400 species. Richard has hunted cryptids (unknown animals) all over the world including the Tasmanian wolf, the giant anaconda and the Mongolian death worm. Richard is a massive fan of classic Doctor Who (60's/ 70's) and a lover of weird fiction and horror

CJ RomerCJ Romer

Christian Jensen Romer, known to everyone as "CJ" is currently the Chairman for ASSAP, The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. He has been studying the paranormal since the 1980s. long term psychical researcher CJ came to doubt his doubts after witnessing an apparition at Thetford Priory in 1987, and has since tried to persuade people that studying ghosts is a viable career option.He has worked on many different televised series - from Ghost Hunters to Most Haunted. C. J. has an encyclopaedic and enviable knowledge of ghosts & hauntings, he has written reviews or short pieces for the Journal of the SPR, & The Paranormal Review, which have been published. CJ has lectured at various societies, and made a living teaching students at University. A familiar face on the UK parapsychology scene, CJ was once described as a “boy racer driving the ring road of psychical research too fast, tooting his horn at the ladies!”, and he attempts to live up to that description.

Dylan JonesDylan Jones

Dylan Jones is undertaking his PhD at Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) exploring media and practices of Modern Paranormal Groups. He is a retired police officer and has a wealth of experience investigating spontaneous cases for over 30 years. He has a degree in Media Production and extensive experience working in many radio formats including community, commercial and BBC Radio. As a member of the Society for Psychical Research, the Parapsychological Association and Para.Science, his interests focus on the influence of the media portrayal of the paranormal, developing educational media content related to spontaneous phenomena, as well as the importance of witness testimony and evidence gathering. He is the creator of the Great British Ghost Tour, Great American Ghost Tour and The Ghost Hunter websites, and a regular contributor to the Ghost Chronicles International radio show. He has presented at various events in both the UK and the USA. In 2019, he filmed a documentary especially for, and presented two talks at, the 35th Anniversary of Ghostbusters at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. As a result, he was invited to attend the World Premiere of Ghostbusters: Afterlife in New York in 2021.

Rev Lionel FanthorpeLionel Fanthorpe

Lionel Fanthorpe was born in England and has worked as a journalist and teacher. He was the Director of Media Studies at Cardiff Academy before he retired. Lionel is President of ASSAP (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) and was also the President of BUFORA (the British UFO Research Association) for several years. He's now a popular TV and Radio presenter and celebrity guest on chat shows. Lionel is also the author of over 250 books

Rev Peter LawsPeterv Laws

Peter Laws is an researcher, author and ordained Baptist minister with a taste for the macabre. He writes a monthly column in The Fortean Times and is the creator of the acclaimed Matt Hunter series of dark thriller novels. His new non-fiction book, The Frighteners, explores why human culture enjoys the morbid. He hosts the popular podcast and YouTube show The Flicks That Church Forgot which reviews horror films from a theological perspective. He regularly speak at churches and events. He's appeared in various magazines, newspapers and radio shows.

Urszula WolskiUrszula Wolski

Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in 2019, I was a lecturer in the sociology department at the University of Northampton. I had previously worked at Buckinghamshire New University as an associate lecturer and also as an information analyst since January 2014. I am also self-employed as a consultant and trainer, providing support and training in qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis including software such as NVivo, MAXQda and SPSS. I have been a MAXQda professional trainer since 2017. I have also been an External Examiner for Bishop Grosseteste University since September 2018. My research interests are in new technologies for social research, qualitative research methods and software, the sociology of sport, the sociology of religion and positive psychology. Current research within the sociology of sport is looking at gender inequalities within tennis coaching roles, physical activity amongst adults during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, as well as an exploration into the experiences and beliefs of investigators of paranormal phenomenon. Previous research within the field of positive psychology looked at the integration of character strengths and mindfulness for achieving flow in tennis performance (a dissertation on the MSc Applied Positive Psychology at Bucks New University). Forthcoming research will examine the relationship between character strengths and participation in sport and physical activity to promote positive ageing.

John FraserJohn Fraser

John  is a member of the Council of the Society for Psychical Research, and has been’ Vice Chair Investigations’ of the Ghost Club – the two oldest groups in the country that study the subject. He has of course also been a long standing member of ASSAP. His topics of study have been as varied as hypnotic regressions and vampire folklore, as well as more conventional paranormal research. This included in 2015 an extended project of witness testimony regarding the well-publicised phenomena occurring at The Cage in St Osyth Essex. His 2010 ‘Ghost Hunting, a Survivors Guide’ was one of the first UK books published about the subject since it re-popularisation by TV. John has appeared in a number of media discussions of the paranormal - including Japanese and Scottish Television, and national BBC radio.

David SaundersonDavid Saunderson

London-based David Founder and Editor of Spooky Isles and is a lifelong horror fan and paranormal explorer, with over 25 years’ experience as a journalist and communications professional. So, in 2011 he decided to start The Spooky Isles as a way to bring it all together! Known for his dedicated support and promotion of the paranormal field and dark history industry, David makes sure no stone is left unturned to bring you the very best of both!

Chris FrenchChris French

Chris French founded the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) at Goldsmiths in the year 2000. Prior to that he had carried out research in a wide range of different areas, including cerebral hemispheric differences, computerised assessment, and cognition and emotion, but from a young age he was fascinated by claims of the paranormal. By setting up the APRU, Chris was able to focus upon this fascinating aspect of human experience. Chris is a member of both the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit and the Forensic Psychology Unit at Goldsmiths.

Dr Becky SmithBecky Smith

Dr Rebecca Smith is Treasurer of ASSAP and an active researcher into paranormal matters. A psychologist by training, her MSc looked at narratives of haunting emerging from the Station Hotel, Dudley, and her PhD (awarded on Halloween 2013) was on “A century of Apparitions”. In 1888 to 1894 the Society for Psychical Research conducted a huge study of apparitional experience, The Census of Apparitions, and drew conclusions about the nature of ghosts that have informed theoretical work in the area to the modern day. Becky repeated the census on a modest scale, to test how cultural expectations had changed the way people report spooks from the Victorian period till today, and unexpected patterns emerged from the data… New insights into what happens when we “see a ghost”.

Robert MooreRobert Noore

Robert Moore does many things and has followed many paths. One of them lead to a degree in archaeology at the University of Bristol. He is the co-author (with Jenny Randles) of the second edition of UFO STUDY along with the Guide to UFOs written for BUFORA (online). Robert is research officer for ASSAP.

Dr Hannah GilbertHannah Gilbert

Dr Hannah Gilbert has a BA (Hons) in Anthropology, and a PhD in Sociology. Her doctoral research explored narratives of spiritual experience in the British spirit mediumship community, and she retains an active interest in the anthropology of spirituality. She spent three years as a psychiatric support worker during her undergraduate degree, and has recently returned to working in mental health having qualified with an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy in 2018, and is now working for the Compassionate Mind Foundation. Hannah founded Compassionate Wellbeing in 2012, and in 2017 started a small publishing company called Annwyn House. She is a lecturer in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton, London.

Kristian LanderKristian Lander

Independent researcher and writer of the curious. Member of ASSAP. (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) A.A.S. R.A. (Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association.) Host of the ‘Rabbit Hole That Is Reality’ radio podcast. Has published approx 140 articles and features on various topics surrounding the unexplained. Maintained the Paranormal Network from 2007-2012. Looking to learn more about life’s mysteries! Filmmaker & observer of the daily tussle.

Mark NormanMark Norman

An independent folklore author and researcher, Mark is the creator of the Folklore Podcast and the curator of the Folklore Library and Archive. Since its launch in 2016, The Folklore Podcast has grown to hold a place in the top 5% of podcasts globally in its field, with around 1.5 million downloads logged. Its success has led to the establishing of the Folklore Library and Archive, a self-supporting organisation dedicated to collecting and preserving folklore materials in all forms for the future. From a physical base in a public library building in Devon, the Folklore Library and Archive holds many special collections of national significance. Mark is the author of several books including "Black Dog Folklore" for Troy Books, "Telling the Bees and other Customs" and "Dark Folklore" (with Tracey Norman) for The History Press and "The Folklore of Devon" for University of Exeter Press.

Dr Rachael IronsideRachael Ironside

Dr Rachael Ironside is an academic researcher exploring the relationship between the supernatural, heritage and culture, and how this impacts our experience and understanding of the world. She is a Senior Lecturer at Robert Gordon University where she teaches across tourism, events and hospitality. Rachael is involved in national and international research projects exploring storytelling, heritage and digital technology, and has published widely on social interaction and paranormal experience.

Neil NixonKristian Lander

Neil Nixon can't recall a time before he was interested in the paranormal, a fascination that has gradually drawn him to skeptical positions and a love of the more surreal stories. He has been writing for publication since he was a student, amassing a CV of almost 30 published books, contributions to almost 20 others and employers including Viz Comic, the NME and The Guardian. His published works and performed scripts include many moments drawing on the kind of strangeness that gives ASSAP its purpose, and his talk ASSAP WTF? is a digest of well known and little known legends, colliding an argument in favour of critical thinking with enough comedy moments to keep the more credulous claims at bay.

Speakers are invited to ASSAP conferences to provide a range of views on subjects requested by delegates. Appearance does not imply endorsement of speakers' views or background.