Plymouth ASSAP


The research that Plymouth ASSAP undertakes is fun and enjoyable. Much of what we do falls into one of the following areas of study:


We have arranged Study Days (a series of tasks) for sensitives, which has enabled us to look at how they undertake activities such as telepathy and psychometry. It has also been interesting to compare their performances with "non-sensitives" who have engaged with the same tasks. We visit Spiritualist churches and attempt to evaluate the accuracy of demonstrations. This is done using statistics. We liaise with local mediums in an attempt to understand their "paranormal" experiences and abilities.


We have undertaken much research in this area using, for example, Zener cards. (Cards showing one of five geometric symbols.) Activities involving sensitives and non-sensitives have been fascinating, with (admittedly very early) results appearing to show that some people regularly out-perform certain other people, which has to be seen as significant. There is a possibility that everybody has some sort of latent talent but for some reason it is more developed in certain people.



This could be described as a special state of mind which can be attained through hypnosis and meditation. We consider it a possibility that ASCs can, when properly directed, enhance the production of "paranormal" experiences such as thought-transfer, remote viewing, precognition and even the movement of objects without physical contact. We are developing a long-term programme for "ordinary" people rather than established sensitives, though we would certainly welcome assistance from the latter.

At Plymouth ASSAP we are gradually compiling a database of all things anomalous, strange, paranormal etc in the Plymouth area. This is with the intention of publishing a book entitled "Strange Plymouth."

We need new members from the Plymouth area to volunteer for an exciting, and ground-breaking, series of experiments. We welcome all; it doesn't matter if you're a student, a housewife, a vet or a professor of psychology. What you DO need is optimism, dedication and a bit of time on your hands each week. Are you up to this challenge?