Plymouth ASSAP



Welcome to the website for the Plymouth branch of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP for short). Although we cover areas such as SE Cornwall, the moors, Tavistock etc we try to concentrate on the city of Plymouth.

Please note that we are a non-profit organisation (Plymouth ASSAP membership is free) and try to keep the cost of what we do as low as possible. Being a paranormal investigator need not be an expensive hobby! We are an extremely friendly bunch and we organise many social activities, including "haunted" pub crawls. We also offer exciting opportunities to take to the front-line of paranormal investigation, including a particularly fascinating research project (see Research page). If you would like to contact us, click here. To go to the nationwide ASSAP website, click here.



We are paranormal investigators, with a particular interest in carrying out ground-breaking and thought-provoking research. The subjects we cover include:

  • Apparitions and poltergeists
  • UFOs
  • Psychology
  • Extra Sensory Perception, especially telepathy
  • Hypnosis
  • Mediumship

With any group of people you will find a variety of different beliefs and Plymouth ASSAP is no different; some of our members are more inclined to "believe" than others but we always strive to undertake our investigations and research from a scientific and neutral viewpoint.