What's happening?

Ghosts have fascinated mankind for centuries.  Answering those age old questions of what happens after death - and why do people have unusual experiences - have pre-occupied academics since Victorian times and a generation of paranormal investigators today.

With thousands of ghost hunters active today: is any credible evidence emerging that would stand up to scientific scrutiny? Is there a better way of hunting ghosts? And what happens when it all goes wrong?

Seriously Investigated brings together 10 of the most respected researchers in the field today to ask  these important questions and brings out fascinating case studies from some of the 'most haunted' houses in the UK.

The fascinating subjects under study on the day include:
- What are the roles of formal paranormal investigations as opposed to ghost hunting events?
- How can one hunt ghosts in a smarter way?
- What are the ethics and consequences of hunting ghosts?
- What mayhem and catastrophe can ensue when ghost hunting goes wrong?
- An update on key haunting cases like Woodchester Mansion, the Ancient Ram Inn and Chingle Hall

Seriously Investigated promises to be a fascinating, must-attend event for anyone interested in what ghost experiences are and how we investigate them.

Seriously Investigated is a one-day event run by learned society and education charity ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) and follows in the footsteps of similar events like Seriously Strange, Seriously Unidentified (UFOs), Seriously Spooked (ghosts), Seriously Staked (vampires), Seriously Enchanted (faeries), Seriously Possessed (demons) and Seriously Suspicious (conspiracy theories).