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Maurice TownsendWelcome to the ASSAP paranormal blog! Though this blog is aimed at anyone interested in the paranormal, it will be of particular interest to the paranormal research community. Updated frequently, but not regularly (don't expect something new every day!), it covers any paranormal topic, as well as highlighting recent changes to the ASSAP website.

Whenever new information becomes available on a subject ASSAP covers, it is added to the relevant pages of the website straight away. So, just because you've read a page, don't assume it will still be exactly the same when you next look. That way the ASSAP website remains an up to date research resource.

The photo (above right, pic by Val Hope) is the ASSAP blogger himself, out looking for anomalies wherever they are to be found, so that you can read about them here. To contact the ASSAP blog, email here.

Important note: If anything in this blog does not make sense, try following the links in text! If it still doesn't make sense, that's probably my fault ...

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31 July: Another spontaneous mini-OOBE!

VegetationSo, there I was asleep on a train. I woke suddenly to find that the train was not moving. I looked out of the window and discovered we were in a tunnel. The tunnel was illuminated and there was a small sign giving the name of a station on the route. Next to it there was a bank of small video screens. I was in a carriage at the front of the train and assumed that we were just beyond the platforms of the station named in the sign. I guessed the sign and video screens were intended to be used by the train driver. But then something profoundly strange happened.

Suddenly we were IN the station, despite the train not having moved at all! The station sign I'd seen was now much larger and on a wall at the back of the platform! The video screens had expanded too! The 'wall of the tunnel', which had appeared just centimeters away, was now the back wall of the underground station and several metres away! I was absolutely stunned!

I examined the station, one which I am already quite familiar with, in greater detail. I noted that the wall was covered in large tiles of uniform creamy colour. The platform below was also covered in tiles of a similar colour. I think this is what caused the bizarre visual phenomenon. It appears to be another instance of a 'mini-OOBE' that I've had on as few occasions (for a notable example see here). I think the mini-OOBE was triggered by the uniformity of the tiles which visually blended into each other completely fooling my sense of visual perspective. So my brain put what it saw together but made a horrible mistake about the depth of the space in view. Interestingly, it constructed a view of a tunnel which was a plausible thing to see from a train, though it was unlikely to have been illuminated. I think the fact that it happened just as I woke probably contributed. I call it a mini-OOBE because I was seeing things from a different position in space to where I was physically located, just like in an out of the body experience. It is even possible that certain spontaneous OOBEs could be triggered by this kind of incident.

What is particularly striking is how well I remember the image, even though I now know it was false. I can still see that small station sign as if it was in front of me right now. It was a perfect miniature of the real thing. I don't think I've ever seen anything so utterly real, which wasn't, while awake before. It really emphasizes how seeing is a brain thing! If someone else had witnessed this phenomenon they might easily have interpreted it as a paranormal event. It also emphasizes how absolutely realistic xenonormal phenomena can be. I think we should always assume that a witness experienced what they say they experienced. Whether it corresponded with physical reality is a different question.

And the picture? This photo, to me at least, appears to distort perspective. The distance between the overhanging vegetation and the stream below is much greater than this photo makes it appear. Again, it messes around with the cues we use to determine perspective.

24 July: Like being dragged backwards through treacle

Weird sunMA (my acquaintances who gets MWRs - microsleep with REM) was on a train recently when something even stranger than usual happened. MA was having a MWR and in 'another place'. Then the train stopped resulting in MA coming out of the MWR. However 'coming out' this time consisted of an unpleasant feeling of being forcefully dragged backward through treacle. MA has had hundreds, if not thousands, of MWR experiences over the years and this is the first time this 'treacle' experience has occurred. It has not occurred again since.

It is possible that someone experiencing MWRs, and not aware of their natural cause, might think this sort of thing could be an example of astral travel or something similar. Such dragging sensations have been reported by people having out the body experiences (OBEs) which typically occur on the boundary of sleep and wakefulness.

MA has never experienced a OBE during MWRs. However, this dragging sensation happens in both so there could be an overlap between the two phenomena. As both are near sleep experiences this would not be surprising. So was thera anything else unusual about this particular MWR? One thing that was atypical about this 'dragging' MWR was that it was unusually long. Another point of interest was that MA woke up just as the train stopped. This suggests a possible clue to the 'sleeping commuter' phenomenon (see here).

18 July: That ghost is back!

ShadowI noticed there was someone standing behind me while closing a door the other day. Except that there was no one there at all! Yes, it was the return of the door ghost (see here for background). It was only a one-off visit, however. Indeed, it is the first visit for over 2 years (see here for the last recorded incident). The ghost was seen frequently for a period of four years before that.

This latest sighting has given me a clue concerning why the once common ghost now only appears very rarely. As in previous cases, the ghost turned out to be a misperception of my own hand, reflected in a frosted window. It resembles the shadow of someone standing behind me. I noticed during the latest sighting that my hand was not in a place that felt 'natural'. And, sure enough, the next time I was at the door I found my hand was somewhere quite different, which felt moire 'natural'. So it seems I don't see the ghost any more because I normally put my hand in a place where it is not visible in my reflection.

I have a new idea about why some people might notice misperceptions when most do not. I am incredibly easily distracted. Indeed, in writing this post I have already looked at several other things on the web instead of just getting on with it. I wonder if easily distracted people tend to notice things that are odd or out of place while those who are less easily distracted do not. When I'm out and about I am often distracted by anything that crops up in my peripheral vision. Most such things are completely mundane, of course, but just occasionally they are not. Like my hand in its 'unnatural' position.

10 July: Factors contributing to ghostly 'sound behind music' phenomenon

FrequenciesI heard a door open and someone enter. Even though I was alone in the building, I did not find this sound disturbing. That's because I was expecting someone to arrive. But then I heard no more sounds. So I stopped the loud music I was playing, listened and called out. There was no reply. I was still alone!

It Is a perfect example of the 'sound behind music' phenomenon I've described recently (see here for more examples). However, usually the 'sounds' are just general noises of someone moving about. On this occasion I actually heard a door open and someone walking about. It was quite specific. That's why I DIDN'T think this was a 'sound behind' thing at the time. I just thought it was a real person arriving as expected. Given the specific nature of the sounds, compared with previous general 'movement' noises, this was easily the most spectacular example of this effect.

It got me thinking about what factors may be contributing to a phenomenon that I've no reason to think is anything but natural (though it could easily be interpreted as a ghost by some witnesses). Why was this latest example so realistic? One factor I've already established is expectation. If I'm expecting someone to arrive the phenomenon it is much more likely to occur. In this case I was actually concerned because the person I was expecting was late. I would speculate that it was this anxiety that may have made the phenomenon so realistic. I suggest this because many ghost cases involve witnesses who are anxious for one reason or another. Does such stress actually make the human brain hallucinate in a more convincing way? I think the phenomenon is hallucination, rather than misperception, say, from a recent example (see here).

Other contributing factors may include the type of music being played and any ambient sounds around. Unfortunately, it is difficult to test these ideas. Whenever I do a deliberate experiment, the phenomenon never appears. This is presumably because, like misperception, the brain cannot be fooled if it knows what is coming. So I have, instead, to rely on incidents where I have, at least temporarily, forgotten all about the phenomenon.

4 July: Followed by a ghost ....

Weird sunIt was another hot sunny day, like so many recently here in the UK. I was walking along a narrow alley carrying two bulging shopping bags I heard someone behind me and moved aside to let them go by. But no one one appeared so I looked round. There was no one there or anywhere nearby! So, a ghost then!

I watched for a while and saw the source of the sound that had appeared to me like someone walking behind me. The wind was blowing various things around on the path, including leaves and general litter. It resembled the sound of someone shuffling along.

To me, however, the sound didn't simply resemble someone walking, I really 'heard' someone walking! It seemed that something had reinforced this impression in my mind to make me so certain. I think it was mainly the weather conditions. Hot sunny days typically have very little wind, at least in England. That's because they are typically associated with high pressure which usually produces low wind speeds. However, on this day there was a stiff breeze, something I hadn't even noticed probably because of the heat. So I think, unconsciously, I had dismissed the idea that the wind might be causing the 'walking' sound and interpreted it instead as someone behind me.

I have noticed that here is also, typically, a psychological 'stress' factor involved in such ghost experiences, at least in mine. In this case, I knew I was walking very slowly with two shopping bags, making it awkward for anyone to pass in the alley. So it came as no surprise that someone might come up behind me getting impatient to pass.

I think such factors, that you might call psychological expectation, are important in how we interpret what our senses are telling us. We hear and see what we expect, even if it isn't always true.

PS: While writing this post I was playing loud music and heard the 'sounds behind the music' phenomenon (see here for background). On this occasion I was alone but, for once, NOT expecting anyone any time soon! This appears to be the exception that proves the rule!

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