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Project Albion is a long-running programme to document the geographic distribution of anomalous phenomena. It has been likened to a Domesday Book of the paranormal.

A number of regional Albion books have appeared in the 'Strange ...' series. Most are, sadly, now out of print. However, material from the books has also appeared on the web. The books document the myths, legends and reports of paranormal and anomalous phenomena in a specific area. Much of this information would otherwise remain in obscure archives or even be lost forever. Many readers are suprised at the number of odd goings-on reported in their areas. It isn't just ghosts and UFOs. There are stories of dragons, black dogs and bizarre local traditions and festivals.

Full practical details of what Project Albion is and how to do your own is given here.

You should take a look at Strange Croydon, even if you have no interest in the area, as it is the only complete Albion projects available on line.

Strange North East Derbyshire

A new (2016) Albion publication is now available. Go here to read online material and order a book.


Albion on the web

* Strange Croydon is the only complete project available for viewing on the web.

* Much material from early Strange books is now at Strange Britain.

Albion in print

Sadly most Albion books are out of print but you might come across one second-hand - so here is what to look for:

Strange Wycombe, Alan Cleaver, 1985 Strange Berkshire , Alan Cleaver and Chris and Amanda Cowley, 1986.Strange Oxford, C Morgan, 1987 Strange Sheffield, David Clarke and Rob Wilson, 1987 Strange Pocklington, Ian Taylor, 1989 Ghost Stories of the South West, Tony Wells and Melanie Warren, 1994, Broadcast Books Ghosts of the North, Melanie Warren and Tony Wells, 1995, Broadcast Books Mysterious Kingston, Barbara and Tracey Russell, 1996, Twilight Books Strange Kingston, Barbara and Tracey Russell, 1997, Twilight Books Strange Mitcham, James Clark, 2002, Shadowtime Publishing (still available).

Most titles were privately published (except those where a publisher is given).