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This text refers to pictures in the anomalous photo gallery.

The 'Ghost Tie'

The ghostly 'tie' is the colourful transparent object lying horizontally at the bottom of the picture. It has a crisscross colourful pattern with its pointy end towards the left. The pattern is lens flare caused by light strongly reflected from the puddle at the top of the picture.

The 'ghostly fingers'

The two transparent orange objects resemble ghostly fingers just in front of the camera. The 'fingers' are reeds very close to the camera so that they are out of focus. The glowing orange effect is caused by the use of flash.

The 'shadow ghost'

In the original of this photo there was no obvious 'shadow ghost'. The effect was simply created by darkening the photo, exaggerating a slight shadow on the stairs. No ghost was seen, or suspected, when the photo was originally taken.

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