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ASSAP associate membership entitles you to, among other things:

  • free ASSAP publications: newsletter and journal (both paper and access to online versions)
  • attend investigator training (towards becoming Approved ASSAP Investigator - AAI - on the National Register of Approved Investigators)
  • attend vigils, training investigations and other events
  • online access to ASSAP publication back issues
  • equipment lending
  • use of the library
  • ... all for a bargain price!

In addition, your subscriptions help ASSAP continue its research and investigations.

How to join ASSAP

There are two options.

  • You can join online by Direct Debit, if you are resident in the UK: see 'join online here' below
  • OR you can join online, if you are NOT resident in the UK: click here

If you do not have a bank account, please email us (use link in line below).

If you have any queries about membership before applying, please email here or phone 0845 652 1648.

Join online here ...

ASSAP associate membership is open to anyone at least 16 years of age. Members aged 16 - 17 cannot, however, take an active part in investigations. All information supplied will be treated as confidential .

UK Subscription rate

£20 (all rates are pounds sterling) per annum
(for two full members living at the same address receiving one copy of newsletter and journal) per annum
per annum
Electronic Membership - publications sent electronically - £5 per annum

By following the link (right) you will go to the website of Eazy Collect to complete the joining process by Direct Debit. Click the link here.

If you are NOT resident in the UK, go here instead.

If paying by direct debit, please note that ASSAP has appointed the BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau, Eazy Collect Services Limited (, to collect your payments and Eazy Collect will be shown on your bank statement.