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Apparition with a fan

Contact ASSAP's Investigations Department by email here.


Do you have a ghost in your house? Have you seen a UFO? Did you find fish on your car roof recently?

ASSAP investigates any case of anomalous or paranormal phenomena. We investigate in a neutral, scientific, professional manner without pre-judgement. We offer complete confidentiality and operate according to a code of conduct.

We conduct a thorough investigation; interviewing witnesses, examining the site of the phenomena and doing background research. We're not just looking for somewhere to spend a night 'ghost hunting'. We are interested in finding scientific explanations for these baffling phenomena.


Ways to report a case

  • Phone 0845 652 1648 for immediate response (though please note that you may go through to an answer phone at certain times)
  • Email the Case Co-ordinator here
  • If you wish to write, please send your letter to: see Contact Us