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Magnetic field frequency spectrum

Contact ASSAP's Research Department by email here.

Science pages

We have several pages on science and its application to paranormal research.

If you need an incentive to do your own research, read this.

Paranormal photos pages

Start here (including photo analysis service). There are a number of pages dedicated to this popular subject.


Research is orientated towards answering specific questions about anomalous phenomena (rather than investigating spontaneous cases). For instance, does anything leave the body of people experiencing OOBEs; are haunted locations magnetically remarkable; are orbs really out-of-focus dust?

The research department is run by the National Research Co-ordinator with the help of a research committee.

The new paranormal research

A new model for scientific research into paranormal phenomena. For more information see here.

More to read and do

  • If you are interested in research, you may find some of the articles interesting.
  • If you want some ideas for your own research, see here.
  • There are also areas of investigations that could form fruitful areas for research eg. in replication.
  • If you wonder why ASSAP uses science to do its research, see here.
  • Have your paranormal photo analyzed here
  • Just exactly what IS a haunting?
  • Some orb experiments to try
  • Problems designing ESP experiments

Paranormal sound pages (inc EVP)


Research Initiatives

  • The department offers grants for research projects
  • Anomalous photos: vortexes, light trails, mists, orbs; submit your own photos for comment!
  • Project Albion has been called a Domesday Book of the paranormal. Find out why ...
  • MADS is designed to test the theory that some hauntings may be caused by magnetic fields (see also the MADS website).
  • There is an online ESP experiment to do
  • If you have a premonition, please email it to us BEFORE the event, here
  • PASS is a database of media reports of anomalous phenomena
  • We are always interested to hear from anyone with a research idea